Dork in the Road

I am the Dork in the Road and I want to be your Internet Riding Buddy.  Two-wheeled adventure is my passion.  

Adventure is for everyone, and I want to help others see how easy it is to just get out there and make it happen.  

I don’t claim to be an expert.  I’m just your average overweight, middle-aged, bearded dude out there making it up as I go. Every new adventure has something to teach me.  Thank you for joining me along the way.


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Amazon Affiliate Gear List

Check out some of my favorite riding gear, filming equipment, and bike mods on my Amazon Storefront. Everything you’ll find there is something I’ve used personally and highly recommend. Any purchase you make using these links supports the channel at no cost to you. You get awesome gear and support future dorky motorcycling goodness, a total win/win!

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Teespring Merchandise

Check out the dorkiest motorcycling merch on the planet at Teespring. You’ll find Dork in the Road shirts, mugs, stickers, posters, pillows and more in a variety of designs including “Hiking but Faster,” “Acoustic Motorcycle,” and the old DitR standby, “Technical.”

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